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The Benefits of Emu Oil

The many benefits of emu oil have long been recognized by the Aboriginal people of Australia and have recently reemerged in the health and beauty industries here in the United States. Consumers have reported the benefits of soothing simple dry skin when using this all-natural substance. Through research and consumer feedback, the benefits of emu oil are becoming more widely known and understood. Emu oil’s unique properties and ratio of fatty acids and Vitamin E make it a more desirable alternative to many chemical and synthetic products for the skin.

Emu Oil for the Skin

Pure emu oil is an ideal skin product by virtue of being non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores.

In addition, emu oil moisturizes skin that has been exposed to the elements.

The fatty acids, including Omegas 3, 6, and 9, found in the oil are essential for healthy skin.

Emu oil is gentle enough that it can be used on the most sensitive of skin types. Emu oil is unscented.  It does not have a tendency to cause skin reactions that are often side effects of perfumes and chemicals found in pharmaceuticals, creams and cleansers.

Emu Oil and Scalp Care

Unlike many chemically based hair products on the market, it is all-natural and chemical free.

It is also available in emu oil shampoo and conditioner which can help make hair smooth and manageable.  It also clears away residue from styling products, leaving the hair clean and manageable.

Emu Oil and Pets

Surprisingly, emu oil for dogs and cats is an alternative to some common pet care products. It can be applied topically to relieve dry or flaky skin caused by traditional pet shampoos, medications and allergies or it can be administered orally to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Many people have also used it as hot spot treatment for dogs.

Where Can I Find Emu Oil?

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