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Frequently Asked Questions About Emu Oil

  1. How can I tell if I’m getting the best emu oil?
  2. Can you use emu oil on acne?
  3. Is emu oil used on stretch marks?
  4. What are the uses of emu oil for hair?
  5. Is there a danger in using pure emu oil that is not fully refined?
  6. What are the uses of emu oil for dogs & other animals?
  7. What does AEA Certified Emu Oil™ mean?
  8. The price of emu oil seems to vary widely, why is that?
  9. Why is emu oil good for tattoo aftercare? What about piercing aftercare?
  10. What does non-comedogenic mean?
  11. Why is emu oil moisturizer better than other moisturizers?
  12. What are the benefits of Emu Oil Soothing Cream?
  13. Why is physically refining emu oil better than the molecular distillation process?